❝ — she’s a baby, once you get to know her, she’s a baby; she’ll get in big trouble if you leave her alone all day ; bad bad, you better not touch a single hair on her. ❞


❝ — why do you feel so down? what’s wrong? say something, this mood is so cold... is this trend? why don’t you have fun? ah, me neither. ❞

💫 about

my name is aster, you can also call me an. i run a tiny game development lab with many little experiments on making story-focused games known as an's orbit, otherwise known as “quỹ đạo an.”

i have loved interactive fiction and dating sims from a young age, so as soon as i learned how to make games, it became my aspiration to craft a story of my own in those format.

my main inspiration came from old dating sims and soft aesthetic ✨

🌠 games

most of the titles under orbit will be in interactive fiction format. that said there will be character art coupled with soundtrack in order to enhance the gaming experience for the players.


slice of life, drama

few tragedies in life crushes a person as hard as losing a loved one. perhaps, eloise knows that better than anyone with the pain fresh in her mind and as close as yesterday when she has lost her mother to a gruelling battle against cancer.

meteor night

supernatural, mystery

the last place she wants to go back to would be where it all began, but in order to solve this mystery plaguing her these past years, tram has no choice but to return to her high school and uncover the truth behind her friend's disappearance.

🌟 contact

send me a dm through twitter (@quydaoan)
for the fastest response ✨

1. Rainflower

  • Title: Rainflower (Hoa Lạc Vũ)

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life

  • Rating: Teen 13+

  • Platform: Window, Mac, Linux

  • Release: TBA


eloise's household stress doesn’t end with her mother's passing, not when her father rashly decided to uproot their entire family and moved across the city meagre months after, leaving their old house deserted and their memories of better day untouched.

while she understands that this is her father’s method of coping with emotions, this puts her life into a downwards spiral as she struggles to deal with her own grief.


  • three optional planned love interests.

  • various events surrounding the protagonist’s social and family life.

  • affection system along with dating elements in final build.


2. meteor night

  • Title: Meteor Night (Lưu Tinh Dạ)

  • Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural

  • Rating: Teen 13+

  • Platform: Window, Mac, Linux

  • Release: TBA


because of the incident during her high school year, tram spent most of her adulthood with holes in her memories and no viable explanations.

the mysterious accident that led to her amnesia and her friend's disappearance had left her with many sleepless nights and nightmares plaguing her dreams. in order to stop this from continuing, she had to go back to where it all began: her high school.


  • past and future storyline with each own's unique outcomes.

  • two love interests for each storyline and mysteries to solve.

  • something something i'm hungry

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