an's room

The room is decorated with glow stars.


  • You see scrawled notes in cute handwriting pinned on the wooden surface.

  • Rainflower : "It's never easy to talk about grief," An mutters underneath their breath before exhaling with their nose.

  • Meteor Night : "Some accept losses, others fight to deny it," they shrug, "neither is better, there's no better choice."

After looking around, you decide...


A miniature star floating in space.

  • They introduce themself as An, a tiny star based in Ho Chi Minh City. They enjoy telling stories about struggles with internal turmoils and nonsensical topics no one cares about. Also, romance.

  • They reveal they're actually an Astronaut at Level 21 but they sadly can't breathe in space yet.

With that said and done, you...


Your regular, good old directory.


  • Orbit : "My body, my eyes, my heart. My eternal attachment to the mortal coil and the interactive fiction that follows."

  • Orbit is an interactive fiction circle with interest in soft romance and aesthetic, but honestly, I can do neither.

They offer you a soul and a heart. You...


Interactive Fiction Circle.


  • Orbit is currently my main circle and my games will be released under An's Orbit.

  • Website : For more in-depth information about the current stories.


  • Rainflower : A dating sims about putting yourself back together and recovery.

  • Release Date : TBA

  • Meteor Night : A mystery story about finding the truth behind your friend's death.

  • Release Date : TBA