an's room

The room is decorated with glow stars.


  • You see scrawled notes in cute handwriting pinned on the wooden surface.

  • Rainflower : "This happens when I stare at the outlines for too long," they explain, kicking the notes behind them.

  • Meteor Night : "I scream at the void until something eventually manifests on the script," they mumble pensively.

After looking around, you decide...


A miniature star floating in space.

  • They introduce themself as An, a dead star based in Ho Chi Minh City. They enjoy telling stories about struggles with internal turmoils and nonsensical topics no one cares about. Also romance, lots of romance. Love triangles, anyone?

  • They reveal they're actually an Astronaut at Level 20 but they can't breathe in space.

With that said and done, you...


Your regular, good old directory.


  • Orbit : "My body, my eyes, my heart. My eternal attachment to the mortal coil and the interactive fiction that follows."

  • Orbit is an interactive fiction circle with interest in soft romance and aesthetic, but honestly, I can do neither.

They offer you a soul and a heart. You...


Interactive Fiction Circle.


  • Orbit is currently my main circle and my games will be released under An's Orbit.

  • Website : For more in-depth information about the current stories.


  • Rainflower : A dating sims about putting yourself back together and recovery.

  • Release Date : TBA

  • Meteor Night : A mystery story about finding the truth behind your friend's death.

  • Release Date : TBA